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Footsteps on the Wall – Lisa & the F.I.X.

Footsteps on the Wall – Lisa & the F.I.X.

€ 23.40  |  LP

Footsteps On The Wall is the debut album from underground pop idol Lisa featuring special guest band The F.I.X. Musicians from Asko|Schöenberg and Slagwerk Den Haag join Lisa and her band to create a record which speaks of a bright life, trapped inside. Since 2014 Lisa is the alter-ego of composer Luke Deane, who said once in an interview “Lisa came to my rescue, out of nowhere”.

In a world where expression was being limited, locked-down and dangerous, and yet with more emotion than ever, Lisa felt that it was urgent to bring this album to the world. Still holding the shining, inclusive and inspiring magic of her previous work, this debut album is a journey through the trials of the inner self.


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