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Zinsbegoocheling en mysterie – Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ

Nov 14 2019

A glow of brand-new timbres lights this evening with more than a hint of Eastern mystery. The four composers featured come from the four corners of the earth, yet they share a predilection for unique timbre.

Wilbert Bulsink made quite an impression in 2018 with his hallucinatory harp concert Spelingen, in which Miriam Overlach took to her harp with scouring pads. Asko|Schönberg has built up a close relationship with the Chinese–American Huang Ruo, a former composer in residence at the Concertgebouw. The Czech Ondřej Adámek has triumphed with his self-built instruments, such as the Airmachine. His new Lost Prayer Book, a work jointly commissioned by Asko|Schönberg, is a solo concerto for the sheng, a Chinese mouth organ. One of the most compelling composers of our time, the Korean Unsuk Chin has created a paradox of free improvisation and rigid structure with her Fantaisie méchanique.


Lost Prayer Book was commissioned by Musikfabrik, Ensemble 2e2m, Philharmonia Orchestra London & Asko|Schönberg, November Music
Spelingen: supported by Performing Arts Fund NL

Huang Ruo

The Lost Garden
Chamber Concerto No 2

Ondrej Adámek

Lost Prayer Book

Wilbert Bulsink

Spelingen (new arr. for ensemble)

Unsuk Chin

Fantaisie mécanique


Bas Wiegers conductor
Wu Wei sheng
Miriam Overlach harp

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Nov. 14 2019




Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ