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Focus on North European composers in ZaterdagMatinee

A varied sampling of new music conducted by Bas Wiegers


Jan 21 2023

With a circle of acquaintances – Bas Wiegers, Slagwerk Den Haag, Ensemble Klang and Katrien Baerts – Asko|Schönberg is working on the music of the future.

This is done from a rich basis formed by our heritage. We connect these works with the new generation of composers. In this case Wilbert Bulsink. The ‘classic’ in this program is the labyrinthine work Licks & Brains II (1988) by the Dutch Swede Klas Torstensson. The world premiere, commissioned by Asko|Schönberg, comes from Wilbert Bulsink. In his yet-to-be-written work, he wants to invite the audience to contrasting listening positions: ‘I like compositions in which I have to constantly adjust my ears to be able to follow what I’m listening to.’

The Estonian Helena Tulve practices acoustic alchemy with influences from French spectralism, Gregorian chant and Eastern music. Her work Lijnen, on texts by the Flemish poet Roland Jooris, wholesales in iridescent timbre mixtures.

Helena Tulve


Sebastian Hilli

Peach Dutch première

Klas Torstensson

Licks & Brains II

Wilbert Bulsink

Smashing Mirrors World première - commissioned by AskoSchönberg


saxophone soloists Ensemble Klang:

Erik-Jan de With soprano
Michiel van Dijk alto
Daan van Koppen tenor
David Kweksilber baritone

Slagwerk Den Haag

Bas Wiegers dirigent
Katrien Baerts sopraan

Foto: Bas Wiegers en Katrien Baerts (© Eduardus Lee)

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Jan. 21 2023




Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal