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Zamenhof Project, Breaking the Codes

Event with different forms of art


5 8 Sep 2019

Zamenhof Project, Breaking the Codes draws inspiration from the life and ideas of Ludwik Zamenhof, the inventor of the universal language Esperanto and a promoter of world peace.

This event focusing on language and communication fully integrates music and visual elements such as theatre, contemporary dance, installation, video, set design, costumes and lighting. The concept and music are by Jerzy Bielski (b. 1984). Having garnered popular and critical acclaim, his work is unconventional, limitless and by design impossible to pigeonhole. Featuring an international cast, the production blends concert, theatre, dance, visual arts and readings, and blurs the traditional boundary between stage and audience. Just as Zamenhof aimed to create a new language from multiple European languages, the young Polish composer Jerzy Bielski combines various artistic disciplines to develop a new visual and aural language in which concert, debate, movement and installation art merge and fuse. It promises to be an exciting exploration of diverse forms of communication in different contexts.

PAY ATTENTION: Strobe lighting effects and very low and loud bass sounds will be used during the performance.

This project is also part of festival Words & Music January 12, 2020 in Amsterdam.


Asko|Schönberg + K[h]AOS

Jerzy Bielski music and concept
Laura Jakschas direction
Sandra Abouav choreography
Karolina Maksimowicz set and costumes
Akim Moiseenkov, Felix de Bousies sound sculptures
Felix de Bousies video
with actors, dancers, live electronics

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Sep. 8 2019



Sep. 5 2019




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