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Stairway to Music: A Dust in Time

We are currently exploring how and when this concert will be able to take place.

Nov 18 2020

Intimate concert experience in a unique setting

A beautiful story was shared during the farewell ceremony of Reinbert de Leeuw’s passing. When Reinbert would play the piano in his apartment, the other residents of the apartment complex would quietly sit down on the staircase to listen. Unknowingly, the musician would share his music with them. An unusual intimacy in which the distance enhances the experience. The musician himself was not visible, but his spirit all the more so.

The new series Stairway to Music was inspired by this story, an intimate listening experience of 30 minutes on the beautiful staircase of Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. A short coming together of the audience and musicians, who will share the most beautiful works of their repertoire. Visitors will take place on the staircase, just like Reinbert’s neighbours.

During the first edition, we will perform Huang Ruo’s latest string quartet A Dust in Time. Asko|Schönberg has a strong artistic connection with the Chinese-American composer. He has worked together with our musicians in Amsterdam at multiple occasions. As an artist, Ruo feels a strong desire to create work that responds to the pandemic and the effect it has had on many. The intention behind A Dust in Time is to offer a moment of hope and light. Or, as Ruo puts it, “This reality has made me think of creating a special piece for the people who are living in the shadow or coming out of the shadow, giving them a piece of music to reflect, to express, to mount, to bury, to find internal peace and strength, to heal, and to find hope, light and warmth.”

The intimate setting of the concert is perfectly suited for Ruo’s intention.

Huang Ruo

A Dust of Time premiere (string quartet)


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Nov. 18 2020




Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

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