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Scherpdenkers: Circus Schönberg

The future of democracy, with Lucas de Man

3 4 Oct 2019

Hold up a red card, or a green one. This evening, the audience is making its voice heard. But what about democracy, actually?

Belgian theatre maker Lucas de Man, also known from the television programme Kunstuur, shares his insight into current questions on democracy. Our democracies are, after all, coming under pressure. So what next? Twentieth-century composers, too, were tormented by questions. If anything goes, who’s to say if a note is good or bad? Asko|Schoenberg will be performing radical, comical and heavenly notes by composers from the most exciting century in the history of music. And between the notes, De Man will be asking questions about democracy in its current form, seeking alternatives, controversies and opportunities.


Tom Johnson
Louis Andriessen
Y despues
Galina Oestvolskaja
Composition no. 1 Dona Nobis Pacem
Charles Ives


Lucas de Man speaker

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