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Extra performance, nominated by the Nederlands Theater Festival as one of the best performances

9 11 Sep 2018

“A dazzling, grand performance that gives the word ‘theater’ all the shine it can have” wrote the Dutch theater jury about Salam.

The performance was selected for the best eleven performances of Dutch and Flemish soil in the 2017/2018 season. Every reason to play Salam again, after a successful tour in the spring, this time on the podium of honor of the Dutch Theater Festival. The performance can be seen for the very last time on Sunday 9 September at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and Tuesday 11 September at the Stadsschouwburg Groningen.
All great tales start off with a small tale, virtually all global conflicts begin with disappointment or pain. With ever-increasing tension between the West and the Arabic world, between Islam, Judaism and Christianity, the Noord Nederlands Toneel, Club Guy & Roni and Asko|Schönberg take the audience back to where it all began: a father who did not know how to show his fatherly love and two brothers who were driven apart from each other. The story is that of Abraham, played by Jack Wouterse. In this production, director Guy Weizman traces major religious and social conflicts back to human tales of love, regret, jealousy and pain.
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Compositions for Salam supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL.



director Guy Weizman
text Fikry El Azzouzi 
choreography Roni Haver
composers Florian de Backere, Luke Deane, Yannis Kyriakides, Genevieve Murphy, Abderrahim Semlali 
musical dramaturge David Dramm
musicians Jochem Braat, Jaber Fayad, Maya Fridman, Daan van Koppen, Wilco Oomkes, Jacobus Thiele
play and dance Jack Wouterse, Bien de Moor, Bram van der Heijden, Senna Gourdou, Veerle van Overloop, Mohammed Azaay, Igor Podsiadly, Angela Herenda, Adam Peterson, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Camilo Miguel Chapela, Harold Luya
dramaturge Robbert van Heuven


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