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…quasi una fantasia…

Kurtág Festival


Mar 8 2023

For György Kurtág, every note has an 
unimaginable weight. With simple means 
he creates sound worlds that take your 
breath away. Asko|Schönberg has been 
working closely with Kurtág for decades 
and is the ideal ensemble to uncover 
the treasures in Kurtág's music.

György Kurtág

Double concerto op. 27 nr. 2
…quasi una fantasia… op. 27 nr. 1
Grabstein für Stephan op. 15c
Brefs Messages op. 47

Leoš Janáček

Sonate 1.X.1905 (arr. Reinbert de Leeuw)

Anton Webern

Passacaglia op. 1 (arr. Reinbert de Leeuw)


Tamara Stefanovich piano
Jean-Guihen Queyras cello
Elliot Simpson guitar
Lin Liao conductor

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Mar. 8 2023




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