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Phonetic Stories

Due to the Covid 19 measures November Music had to cancel the whole festival

Nov 12 2020

Come listen to today’s makers! Asko|Schönberg and De Tekstsmederij present Phonetic Stories, a unique project in which language and music will commence a dialogue. Ten young writers and composers explore new forms of interaction between the two art forms over the course of several months. They are challenged to go off the beaten track and share new musical stories together.

Upcoming talent
Autumn 2019, five writers and composers were selected after responding to an open call. After an initial, promising pre-presentation for a select audience, audiences are now able to enjoy Phonetic Stories’ fresh results during November Music at Library Babel in Den Bosch.

During this project, the versatile young makers were stimulated and encouraged to go off the beaten track and create new art forms whilst combining text and music together. They have been guided by coaches from within the field. All ten participants have a wide-ranging professional background. They are both creators as artists and will perform the final works themselves.

Coaches and workshop leaders
The coaches are Yannis Kyriakides (composer and teacher at the Royal Conservatory The Hague) and Maarten van Hinte (Creative Director at RIGHTABOUTNOW INC., Senior Lecturer at the Amsterdam School of Arts) are involved as coaches. Workshops were guided by Anthony Heidweller (artistic leader of Opera Forward Festival), Keren Levi (choreographer) and Manu van Kersbergen (spoken word performer, musician, programme creator) and Romy Roelofsen (director).

This project is supported by the Amsterdams Fonds Voor de Kunst.

Boris Bezemer composer
Annelie Koning composer
Lise Morrison composer
Gerjan Piksen composer
Guusje Ingen Housz composer
Jeroen Callaars poet
Pieter Delfosse poet
Stokely Dichtman poet
Adriana Ivanova poet
Michiel Westbeek poet
© Britt van Klaveren

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Nov. 12 2020



Den Bosch

November Music, locatie Babel

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