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Pessoa Cyclus

Mar 5 2016

Since 2006, Jan van de Putte has been working on an extensive cycle based on poems by the Portuguese Fernando Pessoa, who wrote under several different names. The final part will be premiered in the NTR ZaterdagMatinee in an integral performance of the cycle.

For the texts, the composer primarily drew on the works of Álvaro de Campos, the heteronym under which Pessoa wrote romantic poetry. Uma só divina linha is an ode to the night, beginning with mysterious sounds and whispered scraps of words in which a cohesion gradually develops. In Addiamento the poet wants to prepare himself to think about taking a step that might make a more energetic person out of him. Although the music is unhurried, nervousness about all that procrastination breaks through the apparently imperturbable surface. Bamboleamos no mundo sings the praises of a cheerful inner emptiness that becomes a manic self-contemplation. Just as in the first two parts, the music is sparing, but extremely expressive. The fourth part, Insónia, which completes the journey to within, has the most elaborate instrumentation – soprano, mezzo-soprano, choir and ensemble.

NB Unfortunately soprano Elin Rombo had to cancel this concert, due to illness. Katharine Dain will take her place.



Uma só divina linha
Bamboleamos no mundo
Insónia (World première) *)

conductor Reinbert de Leeuw
soprano Keren Motseri
soprano Katharine Dain
mezzo soprano Barbara Kozelj

*) With the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten.


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Mar. 5 2016




Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal