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Opening Gaudeamus Festival 2023

Free from conventions and expectations

Sep 6 2023

On the opening night, Asko|Schönberg, the Netherlands’ leading ensemble for new music, traditionally plays music by unorthodox minds, who know how to break free from conventions and expectations. They play with our perception of time, challenge us to embrace microtonal intervals and integrate non-musical sounds into their dramaturgy.

They will play music by nominees for the Gaudeamus Award 2023 Saad Haddad and Uri Kochavi, as well as jury members Chaya Czernowin and Dutchman Jan van de Putte, the latter with a vocal tribute to Pessoa.

Chaya Czernowin

Fast Darkness III

Saad Haddad


Jan van de Putte

Uma só Divina Linha - with the support of Performing Arts Fund NL

Uri Kochavi



Gregory Charette conductor
Emily Thorner soprano

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Sep. 6 2023