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Muziek en Robotica

Presentations, discussion and music

Jun 11 2018

How will robotics and music relate to each other in the (near) future?

Will a robot be able to perform music perfectly, and maybe even better than a musician?
Will we enter a world full of new possibilities, or rather one that is cold and distant?

An evening with presentations and discussion about opportunities versus threats, dreams versus disappointments, enrichment versus cultural poverty, with scientists, composers, artists and music.

Stefania Giodini expert in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and music enthusiast, works now for the Netherlands Red Cross and previously at TNO.
Presentation about the (im)possibilities of current and future technology. 
Martijntje Smits (PhD) technology philosopher and engineer
In her work, including in the field of robotics, she investigates the relationships between people and technology and questions the obviousness of technological visions of the future.
Thomas Bensdorp composer 
Presents work on the relationship between human memory and technology; about how we outsource a large part of our memory and even our perception to technological devices.

Karen Lancel – Hermen Maat artists duo and researchers 
Presenting their work. They explore the tension between embodied intimacy, privacy and trust in current bio (techno) logical entanglement with (non-) human others.
Jonathan Reus artist musicians curator and community organiser  
Presents some of his works, that often takes the form of staged performances and constructed sonic worlds, utilizing custom technologies and scientific phenomena as immanently poetic materials.

Contribution to discussion and musical intermezzi: Quirijn van Regteren Altena and Joseph Puglia, musicians Asko|Schönberg / Fedor Teunisse, artistic director Asko|Schönberg


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Jun. 11 2018