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In C

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Jun 10 2020

Violinist Joseph Puglia initiated a special quarantine version of Terry Riley’s In C. Through this online recording, we are striving to create an ongoing musical dialogue with musicians from all across the world, both amateurs and professionals alike, by asking them to join this project.

In C was written by the American composer Terry Riley, one of the stylistic founders of “minimal music”. It consists of 53 musical fragments to be repeated ad libitum and played by any number of instruments. The emotional power of the piece comes entirely from the personality and creativity of the players and their interaction  It is what makes In C a perfect piece for this project – it sums everyone’s personal creativity to create an exciting whole.

Read more about the project or find the recording instructions here. The play along video will be released on 10 June, after which you can send us your recording. The project is ongoing and doesn’t have a final date.

Terry Riley

In C

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Jun. 10 2020


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