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Festival REINBERT (I)

Festival REINBERT with surprise composition

Sep 27 2013

In 1969 Reinbert de Leeuw, Louis Andriessen, Mischa Mengelberg, Peter Schat and Jan van Vlijmen wrote history with the opera Reconstructie. This indictment of American imperialism resulted in questions being posed in the Dutch Parliament; however, it did not bring about a social revolution.

Seven years later Andriessen made the disappointed observation in De Staat that – contrary to Plato’s assertion – music is ‘suprasocial’ and ‘there is no such thing as a fascist dominant seventh’. In 1976 Claude Vivier composed Siddhartha after Hermann Hesse’s novel about a young man in search of spiritual enlightenment. Years later Reinbert de Leeuw became acquainted with Vivier’s music and was instantly captivated by it.



Claude Vivier
Louis Andriessen
De Staat
Première of a Surprise Composition for Reinbert de Leeuw

Residentie Orkest
Ludwig Ensemble
Reinbert de Leeuw,
Etienne Siebens
studenten Conservatorium Den Haag


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Sep. 27 2013



The Hague

Dr Anton Philipszaal