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May 17 2018

The theme of this concert is ‘breaking down and building up’: four composers dissect and deconstruct sounds to create new sounds from there; the musicians play ordinary musical instruments in an unusual way and transform everyday objects into instruments.

The experimental composer Hugo Morales Murguía won the Willem Pijper Prize 2017, a prize that highlights compositions with a signaling function. Morales works with analog, digital and electromechanical technologies. He will premiere a new piece this evening. In this work On Floating Ground he uses a power generator, to which he connects the musicians. For example, they are part of an electric power station, a machine that generates electricity through mechanical movement and magnetism. In the instrumentarium unexpected everyday objects emerge that the musicians play with electronic means.
Rebecca Saunders was also awarded. She won the prestigious British Composer Award 2017 for Skin, which has its Dutch premiere in this program. Saunders dissects sounds and then sculpts new sound sculptures. Skin, sung by Juliet Fraser, is both uncomfortable, tender, frightening and poignant.
At Helmut Lachenmann everything revolves around the sound. He once described his music as akin to that of Haydn. No weird rhythms and in a way ‘simple’. But at the same time it is an aural revolution, in which he zooms in on the marrow of the sound. In Mouvement he studies a stalling movement (‘like a beetle lying on his back’).
Yannis Kyriakides goes back to Lachenmann in Der Komponist. He uses the sound recording of a sentence that Lachenmann pronounced in an interview and deconstructs his voice. This is laid, as it were, under a microscope and tested. This forms the backbone of the piece and the basis of the material that the ensemble plays.
Hugo Morales Murguía, Rebecca Saunders and Yannis Kyriakides are present at the concert.

The composition of Hugo Morales is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.



Der Komponist (première ensemble version)
Skin (Dutch première)
On Floating Ground (commissioned by Asko|Schönberg, world première)

conductor Bas Wiegers
soprano Juliet Fraser


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May. 17 2018




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