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Dag in de Branding

Dec 10 2011

In this special edition of Dag in de Branding the Willem Pijper Prize will be awarded to composer Yannis Kyrikakides for his composition Dreams of the Blind. In partnership with the Johan Wagenaar Stichting, a new live performance of this work will be mounted by the Asko|Schönberg Ensemble. Dreams of the Blind is a piece for ensemble and electronics that follows five dreams of blind people. The unheard words of the descriptions appear in succession as a projection, overlap each other, and are extinguished. The music often follows the rhythm of the words, sometimes complementing them, suggesting the intonation of the voice. The two worlds of experience of the ears and eyes are brought together. In changing position, they create confusion and insecurity concerning the direction your perceptions must follow to understand the occurrences. In addition, the piece Wavespace Kyriakides will be performed by the Ako|Schönberg Ensemble.

Free entrance, reservation necessary: http://www.dagindebranding.nl/Dreams/



Dreams of the Blind

Bas Wiegers


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Dec. 10 2011



The Hague

Korzo Theater