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Bartók &Beyond

Beyond boundaries of classical music


Jan 23 2025

Violinist Joseph Puglia embarks on a musical journey in the Asko|Schönberg series & Beyond, delving into the works of a different composer each time, and exploring the influences and relations with other composers. This time, Puglia explores the boundaries of classical music from the perspective of Hungarian composer Béla Bartók (1882-1945). 

Bartók collected thousands of folk melodies from his native country, but also from Algeria, Turkey, and other countries. He incorporated this folk music into his own compositions. He wrote his trio Contrasts for jazz clarinettist Benny Goodman. One of the most influential composers of the 20th century, Bartók deliberately ventured beyond the well-trodden paths of classical music.

The other composers featured in this edition of & Beyond are also not afraid to mix styles. Helena Winkelman once played in a rock band and you can hear that in her Ciaccona for violin. Even though the chaconne is an old baroque music form, Helena asks the violinist to ‘rock’ like on an electric guitar. Richard Ayres’ Trödelmarkt is an anti-concert for violin in which the performer’s virtuosity becomes a target for playful mockery. It shifts from baroque to nightclub music, complemented by an array of home-made audio recordings.

Béla Bartók


Helena Winkelman


Richard Ayres

No. 53 (Trödelmarkt): NONcerto for violin

and more tba


Joseph Puglia violin, curator

photo: Joseph Puglia, photographer: Tom ten Seldam

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Jan. 23 2025


Inleiding 19:15 door Thea Derks


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