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Asko|Schönberg in opening night Gaudeamus 2022

Exciting evening with the famous sheng-player Wu Wei

Sep 7

During the opening night of this annual festival, Gaudeamus shows the many faces of new music: surprising, moving and who knows, frustrating.

Asko|Schönberg, one of Holland’s leading ensembles in new music, is embarking on a  collaboration with young students of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Together they will present a programme that spans generations and continents. This includes the crazy Ilolli pop – something between cartoon music, free jazz and contemporary classical music – performed by Gaudeamus Award 2022-nominee Alex Paxton, and The Color Yellow by jury member Huang Ruo, with a solo role for the renowned sheng-player Wu Wei.


NB only tickets for the complete programme (19:00 – 23:30), with also a.o. XTRO (percussion trio), Rembrandt Frerichs & de Staalmeesters and musical theatre by Thanasis Deligiannis.

Huang Ruo

The Color Yellow

Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis


Alex Paxton


Lise Morrison

Droombegin - supported by Performing Arts Fund NL


Wu Wei sheng
Alex Paxton trombone

photo: Tom ten Seldam

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Sep. 7





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