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The Red Cross & In C

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Through our project In C, music in quarantine, we are aiming to collect € 1000 for the Red Cross. During the (musical) isolation of the current crisis, we wanted to take a moment to think about all other people in emotional and physical isolation. Both during and outside of the crisis. The Red Cross helps these people. Read more about the charity below.

Helping people in need. That is what the Red Cross stands for. They offer help to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts or other urgencies. They do so by offering medical care, shelter, food and clean drinking water. But they also help people who lost their loved ones when they had to flee.

For example, the Red Cross helps to restore contact with missing family members through their project Restoring Family Links. By utilising their global network of volunteers they are able to initiate searches in many places on earth.

Do you want to support the Red Cross? From 10 June you will be able to contribute to our goal to reach € 1000 on our Facebook page through our project In C, music in quarantine. If we don’t meet our goal, we will make up the difference.

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