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In C - music in quarantine

Through our project In C, music in quarantine, we are striving to connect musicians from all over the world, both amateurs and professionals. Play along, send over your audio recording, and we will add it to our version! The project goes live on 2 June.

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What do I need?

Tips and tricks:

To record:

We only need an audio recording, so you don’t need to video yourself as well. Please follow the steps below carefully, as otherwise we may not be able to include your recording! 

You will see the sheet music on the video, but you can also download it separately here.

Done playing? Send us your recording! We recommend using www.wetransfer.com to send us the file at info@askoschoenberg.nl.

We would love to have a collection of pictures of all the musicians that joined us. If you like, send us a selfie taken where you played, or simply a picture of the room where you played. We will add your photo to an “In C” photo album on our website. Of course, this is optional. 

Click here to watch the skeleton version of In C, music in quarantine, and all subsequent versions in which musicians from all over the world have been added to the recording. You can also find a list of photos and names featuring all participants, so you know who is part of your ensemble! 

Click here to read more about the inspiration behind this project written by initiator Joseph Puglia.

Click here to find out more about the Red Cross and why we are raising money for them.