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In C, music in quarantine


An initiative by Joseph Puglia in collaboration with Asko|Schönberg


Global play along against (musical) isolation – play it forward

While in musical (and physical) isolation, Joseph Puglia initiated a “quarantine recording” of Terry Riley’s In C, together with the Asko|Schoenberg ensemble, colleagues and friends from around the world. Through this recording we started a worldwide musical dialogue. In C, music in quarantaine also makes a call for donations to the Red Cross, an organisation currently helping people in isolation throughout the world.

Why In C?

In C was written by the American composer Terry Riley, one of the stylistic founders of “minimal music”. It consists of 53 musical fragments to be repeated ad libitum and played by any number of instruments. The emotional power of the piece comes entirely from the personality and creativity of the players and their interaction  It is what makes In C a perfect piece for this project – it sums everyone’s personal creativity to create an exciting whole.

Play it forward: join us!

Joseph recorded one continuous 45 minute take, alone. This was sent to a colleague, who recorded himself playing along. We then combined the two recordings and sent it to a third musician. This process continued, and we are now inviting musicians from all over the world to contribute. We already have musicians in the USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Belgium, Kosovo, Greece, Italy, and Germany ready to join in.  The list grows every day, and the result is inspiring. Through everyone’s contributions, a musical dialogue has evolved which crosses our current physical barriers.

Keen to join as well? Everyone is welcome! Amateurs, professionals, young, old, any instrument…. simply send us your audio recording as you play along to our video and we will add it on to our version. We released the play along video on 10 June, after which you can participate. Click here for instructions!

Taking action

Through In C, music in quarantine, we are hoping to not only break through musical isolation, but also take a moment to think about the emotional and physical isolation that many people are currently suffering. The Red Cross supports vulnerable people like this. They also help reinstate contact with lost family members through their global action Restoring Family Links. We are hoping to raise € 1111,11 for the Red Cross. If we don’t reach our target, we will add the missing amount. You can donate through our Facebook pagina from 10 June onwards.

Watch the play along video and perhaps even join in? Click here! The page will be updated regularly with new versions of In C